Nate Berkus Opens Up About His Late Sweetheart: "He Showed Me A Bigger Life"

Date June 7, 2018

In 2004, Nate Berkus suffered an awful personal tragedy. That year, he lost his beloved partner, photographer Fernando Bengoechea, when the two were on vacation in Sri Lanka. The horrible tsunami took Fernando’s life, as well as the lives of more than 3,000 people.

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Despite surviving the devastating natural disaster, Nate’s pain of losing his beloved made him think he will never be happy again. After the tragedy, the interior designer set down with Oprah and opened up about his loss. He said:

I have the grief to contend with. But I do believe that I survived so that I would have a greater understanding both of what I’ve had, what I’ve lost and what I still have to gain.

With time, Nate’s heart wound began to heal, and he fell in love again. But Berkus found a special and sweet way to honor Fernando’s memory with the support of his husband, Jeremiah Brent.

Nate married Jeremiah, who also works in interior design, in 2014. Oprah was one of the guests at the wedding where Jeremiah’s vows to Nate included sweet words dedicated to Nate’s late partner.

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When having an interview with Oprah, he said:

 Yes, we’re married this time, but [Fernando is] definitely a part of it. I oddly feel connected to him. I honor that story.

The couple decided to honor Fernando in a special way – they named their son after him.

The proud dads welcomed their second child, Oskar Michael Brent-Berkus, on March 26. They revealed the baby was named after Berkus’ former partner, whose second name was Oskar.

What a sweet gesture!

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