Failure Or Just A Coincidence? What’s Happening To The Famous Australian TV Host Ita Buttrose?

Date June 13, 2018

Some people end their careers gracefully, but there are those who can’t just admit they can do their job perfectly. When it comes to Ita Buttrose, one of the most famous TV hosts on the Australian TV, it seems the woman has so much talent she could work for many years in the future.

Nevertheless, do her recent failures have anything to do with her bad luck? Everything started when Ita has decided to leave Studio 10. The legendary host had a special time in the program devoted to her leaving.

The woman has shared her plans for the future. She explained such a decision by her wish to devote herself to her grandchildren, writing a fiction book, as well as doing some charity work.  

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What’s more, Ita has been having some other troubles at work with her coworker, Denise Drysdale. Their feud was called the war of words. The women are even said to have had a brussels sprout fight. And to top all that, Ita has claimed Drysdale “wouldn’t have a job at all” if it weren’t for her.

Here are her words:

This was our Christmas shoot — I was working. That’s all I want to say about it because it’s a long time ago. ... I’m over it. I’m sorry Denise feels like that, but there you go. If it weren’t for me, she wouldn’t have the job at all.



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Another Ita’s big disappointment was the fact she wasn’t invited to cover the royal wedding in 2018. And that could have been one of the major reasons she decided to leave her job at the show. But she did appear on Seven's The Morning Show to discuss the royal wedding and share all her expertise on the subject.

Anyways, let’s hope she will cope with all the failures with dignity as lots of great projects are waiting for her out there.

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