DIY Tutorial: Easy And Affordable Way To Make Perfect Hallway Stand Out Of Wooden Box

Date January 13, 2018

Finding the perfect furniture for your house may be a rather challenging task. Thankfully, you can easily make some of the furniture items, like a hallway stand, with your own hands.

And our step-by-step guide will help you achieve this goal.


Tools and materials

To create the perfect hallway stand for your house, you are going to need the following tools and materials:

Step-by-step guide

First, pick a wooden Crate

– it is the basis of your future hallway stand. Next, take two Wood blocks of a fitting size and fix them on the inside of the crate.

Use a special Glue for wood, so that the sticks won't fall off of the walls.

Next, we need to paint the crate to make it look better and also protect the wood from dust and moisture. Take Acrylic paint (you can choose your favorite color) and paint the crate with a Paint Brush. Let it dry a bit, and then we will continue.

Now, put four adhesive felt pads on the bottom of the crate – they will serve as the legs of our hallway stand.

In order to make the stand even more useful and comfortable, we need to make a cushioned seat we could place on the top. Take some thick Fabric and a piece of the polyester batting.

Put a piece of thin cardboard on the top of the polyester batting,

and secure them together using hot glue and a special Hot Glue Gun. Then, wrap the polyester batting and cardboard with the fabric and secure it on the corners.

Put the cushioned seat on the top of the hallway stand and fixate it with hot glue.


The final touch: take a Wooden Stick and place it in the crate. Here, your perfect hallway stand is ready!

Well done!

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