Myth Or Truth? 17 Beauty Habits Women Should Adopt To Look Young

Date April 20, 2018

Women use various tricks to stay young and beautiful. But unfortunately, most of them are rather harmful and may take away the beauty. If you want to avoid such situations, just read our compilation of the most common beauty mistakes.

1. Washing face with the sponge.

Stop doing it if you don’t want to have wrinkles at young age. Cosmetologists recommend to apply the washing gel with your fingertips and massage the face gently. Also, don’t do peelings and use scrubs too often, once in a week is enough.

2. Apply sunscreen even in winter.

It is necessary to use the sunscreen not only on the beach. It will allow you to keep the skin young for a long time.

3. Check the components of your tonic.

In case there is an alcohol in your tonic, discard it. It dries out the rashes but is not suitable for the healthy skin.

4. Don’t wash your face too often.

Cleansing is good for the facial skin, but it can overdry it as well. Don’t wash it more than twice a day. It is also important to choose a suitable water temperature. By the way, it is a myth that the hot water opens the pores, and the cold one closes them. The water should be of the room temperature.

5. Sometimes, cosmetics with SPF is not enough.

Cosmetics with SPF perfectly protects you from the ultraviolet radiation in the off-season and winter. In summer, it is better to give preference to sunscreen.

6. Less retinol

Retinol in moderate amounts can improve the condition of faded skin. But its surplus can only do harm - it dries the epidermis. Use creams with this component moderately.

7. Remove the nail polish without acetone.

There are many things that remove nail polish without acetone. They are not so aggressive and don’t damage the nail plate.

8. Smell the cosmetics.

If the cosmetics has a very strong smell, most likely, it has many allergens. Use natural products without aroma, parabens, and sulphates.

9. Don’t waste money

Some cosmetics with the “anti-age” label have so-called "withdrawal syndrome." After you stop using it, the result quickly disappears. Therefore, regularly monitor you skin's condition.

10. Choose the hair spray with a mild degree of fixation.

It may prevent some problems with the hair: dryness and split ends. Therefore, we recommend using a modeling wax and natural sprays.

11. Don’t touch your face with your hands.

Many people forget about how many microbes and dirt surround us, adjusting makeup with fingers. By touching the face, you provoke the appearance of harmful bacteria on your skin.

12. Don’t refresh the powder layer several times a day.

Applying powder in the morning is a great idea. But during the day, it is not worth it. Why? Because it clogs the pores and, over time, rashes and black dots appear on the skin.

13. Drink more water.

Many people forget about it. Drink in small sips and often.

14. Don’t press the pimples.

Pimples can’t be squeezed out independently, as it may cause the infection.

15. Wash makeup brushes.

A pure face is a dream of any woman. But, unfortunately, this does not work for everyone. Perhaps, the reason is that many people forget to wash their makeup brushes. You need to do this procedure once a week.

16. Don’t dye your hair too often.

Hair stylists advise to choose techniques that do not require frequent correction. For example, ombre. Also, it is not recommended to change the color sharply: to turn from a brunette to a blonde.

17. Don’t pluck the ingrown hairs with tweezers.

In this way, you can put dirt in the follicle and, as a result, provoke purulent pimples. To prevent this from happening, regularly cleanse the skin with the scrub.

This article is solely for informational purposes. Before using any of the information provided above, consult a certified specialist. Use of the information outlined above can be harmful to health. The editorial board does not guarantee any results and does not bear any responsibility for harm or other consequences that may result from the use of the information provided above.