Barack And Michelle Obama Aren't On Prince Harry And Meghan Markle's Wedding Guest List

Date April 11, 2018

There has been a ton of speculation about the guest list for the royal wedding. We're still waiting for some concrete news about people who will be attending the event in May. There are, however, a few public figures we won't be seeing there.

Alleged friendship from the past

One of Harry's acquaintances everyone was expected to see on the guest list was the ex-president of the United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

The prince met Obama in 2015 in Washington, and the two stayed in touch. A year later, Harry introduced the Obamas to Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Kensington Palace. Reportedly, the royal family spent some time in private with their guests.


At the beginning of 2017, Obama and Harry's paths crossed again, when the two met in London, as a result of Manchester attacks, to discuss the pressing issue. Barack even took to Twitter to express his pleasure in seeing the prince again.


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The two even took some time out of their busy schedule to enjoy a basketball game together.


Not too long after, Prince Harry delivered a speech at the 2017 Obama Foundation’s Summit. Michelle spent some time with him discussing the Obama Presidential Centre and personally thanked him for coming on Twitter.


And as a nice little bow on this wonderful friendship, Obama kind-heartedly congratulated Prince Harry on his engagement to Meghan Markle.

Let's not get the wedding too crowded

Unfortunately, despite such an eventful past, the Obamas didn't receive their 'Save the Date' card from Harry and Meghan. According to the reports, neither the Obama family nor the Trumps are going to be attending the wedding.


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The public is demonstrably confused about such a turn of events, and took their displeasure to Twitter.

There are no issues in not seeing Donald Trump invited.

It's understandable that some people wouldn't make the cut, because the event has already racked up around 2,640 attendees.

So far, the majority of the guest list is kept a secret. People can only try and guess who's invited based on previous friendships and personal history. They shouldn't hold their breaths though, Obamas are already a miss.


What do you think about not seeing Obamas at the royal wedding? What are your guesses for the lucky attendees?

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