Digital Wizardry: Marilyn Monroe Will Be Brought Back To Life In A New Biopic Film

Date April 3, 2018

The image of the Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe will be brought back to the big screen more than 50 years after her passing.


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The actress died at 36 years old in 1962 from a drug overdose.


Marilyn Monroe has been resurrected many times thanks to numerous doubles. The most famous Monroe’s lookalike is a 41-year-old actress and model Suzie Kennedy.

She has appeared on the screen portraying the late Hollywood icon in international feature films, TV dramas, TV commercials, theatre, and photo shoots.

Her recent appearances include films like Oscar-winning “Theory of Everything “, Italian Christmas box office hit “Me and Marilyn”, and the latest “Blade Runner 2049”.


Kennedy has become an 'avatar' of Marilyn Monroe at Pinewood Studios, situated in Buckinghamshire, England.

Her face and body were scanned in order to create a double of the Hollywood starlet at Pinewood 3D.

Suzie's Marilyn will star in a biopic about the troubled actress, thanks to the creative mind of London producer and writer Chris Ongaro.


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181 cameras took more than 3,000 pictures of Suzie Kennedy, while she stood on a special platform, and other 60 cameras picked up facial expressions of the model’s face, which was covered with markers.


The project is currently in its early stages, but the creators are already planning to make more films featuring long-dead celebrities using the same digital technologies.

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