Melania And Donald Trump's Body Language On Easter Gives A Hint About The State Of Their Marriage

Date April 5, 2018

The time has passed, but the world is still talking about sexual allegations made against President Trump by porn star Stormy Daniels. A few weeks before the 2016 election, Donald’s personal attorney paid Stormy to keep her quiet about her alleged relationship with Mr. Trump. Today, it is the most talked-about “secret agreement”, which Donald continues to deny.


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Even despite lawyer’s threats of financial problems, saying that Stormy has to pay $1 million dollars every time she violates her agreement of silence, she keeps talking about it. And not only her, former Playboy model Karen McDougal has also come forward about her affair with Trump. Both women say that their sexual encounters with Donald happened when Melania was pregnant.


But has the scandal affected Trump’s marriage?

On April 1, the first couple appeared in front of the cameras together, holding each other’s hands, as they walked to a church for Easter service on Sunday. It was one of the first public appearances of the couple after some hard months.


Body language experts Patti Wood and Traci Brown analyzed their behavior, and here’s what they’ve got to say.


Body language

The couple seemed to look in-sync with each other, which is something both experts haven’t seen much from them. Trump also waited for his wife when de-boarding the plane and when they have arrived at the church. He has never done that before, as he always walked ahead of Melania. Melania’s body position, angling towards her husband, indicates that she is willing to appear as his partner.

However, Trump went back to his old habits, as he walked ahead of Melania, which, according to Wood, is a power move that shows that one person is in charge of the other.

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Also, another awkward hand-holding moment appeared when Donald attempted to grab Melania’s hand, but her coat interfered his actions, which, let’s be honest, happens quite a lot.

Brown says:

She does this a lot, and it may be an unconscious way to block holding hands with him.



The verdict?


While it’s impossible to know what is actually happening with Donald and Melania marriage, their behavior showed a mutual effort to appear that the couple was on solid footing. The question is whether that was genuine or not.

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