Was Michelle Obama Treated As Royalty, While Melania Trump Receives Only Criticism?

Date April 10, 2018 10:47

On April 2, the White House celebrated Easter by holding its annual Easter Egg Roll. Melania Trump hosted the event, and she was all smiles, while children were pushing eggs along the lawn. After the game, the First Lady also read a children’s book to those in attendance.

Sounds fun, isn’t it?


But there were still those who launched an attack on the FLOTUS over the event. In one of the episodes of his late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel mocked Melania for being uninvolved in its preparation. And then, he went on criticizing Melania’s accent.

Such attacks made people question whether Michelle Obama faced the same treatment when Barack was the president. And the immediate response that comes to mind would be no.


It looks like during the 8 years of the Obama administration, no one had ever questioned Michelle’s efforts in the set-up of the annual event.


Instead, many believe that the media and Hollywood treated Barack’s wife like royalty. Surely, she was the first black FLOTUS who became a royal model for many Americans.


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But in a similar manner, Melania is also breaking the barriers, as she is the first immigrant First Lady since the 18th century.

So, in response to Kimmel, Karol Markowicz from Fox News defended the First Lady by blasting the host’s words as “despicable.” Being an immigrant who went through the same remarks, the columnist believes that such attacks should not be tolerated.



In Markowitz’s opinion, Kimmel’s comments sound anti-immigrant. Even the fans of the show disapproved of the attacks, with the majority disliking the video on the show’s YouTube channel.


What about Michelle Obama?

Still, many reporters leave out the fact that Michelle Obama was also mocked for being out of touch and gaining weight.


When the former first lady advised women to use their voice at the workplaces, many attacked her, saying that this advice was not applicable in real life.


And making comments about someone’s appearance is also inappropriate.


And since both ladies faced similar kind of treatment, it looks like Melania’s cyberbullying campaign is as relevant as ever.

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