Anyone Can Use These Royal Beauty Secrets For Youthful Look

Date April 10, 2018 10:49

Modern British Royals seem to know a thing or two about long life and relatively impeccable health. The Queen Mother lived to be 101, while Queen Elizabeth II is 91 years old now, and it still actively participating in public events, showing no signs of stopping. Not to mention the monarchs' usually glowing looks and fresh faces regardless of their age.


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So, what are their secrets? Aside from the universally known things like eating healthy and keeping an active lifestyle, each member of the royal family has a little personal trick.

Royal secrets to looking youthful

In the recent interview, the UK's leading aging expert, Stuart Miles, revealed little details about Britain's royal family, and what keeps them young.


Queen Elizabeth II

Her Majesty's age is her greatest asset. According to Miles, the fact that the Queen has been keeping the same routine for decades is what keeps her feeling young and energetic.


Apparently, the Queen is so used to doing almost the same things on a daily basis, such as eating the same meals and tending to the same obligations, keeps her from indulging in excessive behavior. The royal life is tempting, but Queen Elizabeth II is organized, so she sticks to her healthy habits and comes off as a much younger person.


And a more practical tip from Her Majesty would be to avoid direct sunlight on the skin.


Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles

The royal couple finds energy in them to make overseas trips and looks fresh while doing it. Charles, 69, and Camilla's, 70: they make sure to take enough downtime. "Charles seems to be good at escaping from the stress of his role by walking and spending lots of time outdoors," Stuart Miles notes.


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We're sure Camilla often joins Charles on his walks, as well as they spend vacation together. Time off duties allows to calm the nervous system and, as a result, return the face its youthful glow.


Kate Middleton

First representative of the younger generation of royals, Kate Middleton, has learnt to look after her skin from a young age. Today, there are so many tips for women on how to preserve their looks and prolong youth, and Kate evidently knows all about them.


The Dutchess of Cambridge, reportedly, uses rosehip oil, which nurtures the skin and keeps it tight. In addition, Kate, similarly to the Queen, doesn't skimp on SPF either.


Meghan Markle

As an ex-television star, Meghan knows all about her looks and surely picked up a lot of secrets from makeup artists and beauty experts.


For now, she's keeping it simple, following a standard skincare regimen and using a small makeup trick. Meghan often uses a primer rather than a foundation to give her a dewy look," Miles revealed. In addition, the expert considers Markle to be able to age the best. "She has the most amazing skin which will age really well."

Who's the fairest of them all?

On top of the potentially long-lasting looks, Meghan might become the most beautiful woman in the royal family. According to experts, Markle almost scored 100 on the 'golden ratio' scale, which means that her features are almost perfectly proportional. A lot of people don't need experts to tell them that, because they can see Meghan's beauty for themselves.

Who do you think is the most attractive royal of today? Share your thoughts with us.

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