Drama Ensued At Spanish Royalty's Easter As Queen Letizia Disrespected Her Mother-In-Law

Date April 4, 2018

Over the Easter weekend, the Spanish royal family attended Cathedral-Basilica of Santa María on the island of Mallorca.


The Spanish monarchs always come to Palma de Mallorca during Easter, and this year was no exception.


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All the members of the royal family were present, including King Huan Carlos and Queen Sofia, their son King Felipe VI, and his wife Queen Letizia, with their daughters Princesses Leonor and Infanta Sofia.


The Easter mass, however, didn't go as smoothly as the royals expected.

Royal Spanish drama

Queen Sofia was posing with her lovely granddaughters for pictures at the end of the mass, but their mother wasn't happy about that.


Princesses' mother, Queen Letizia, stood in front of the grandmother and, evidently, pushed her arm from Princess Leonor's shoulder.


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King Felipe VI tried to defuse the situation, while his father remained unbothered by what was happening.

However, it seemed as if nothing had happened when the family was leaving the cathedral. Both Queen Sofia and Queen Letizia looked like they were in great mood, so it's unclear what provoked the conflict. There was no official comment from the royal representatives.


The public's reaction

As expected, people were less than happy about Queen Letizia's behavior, and deemed it disrespectful towards the 80-year-old Queen.

Looks like Queen Letizia's behavior didn't help with her already not so perfect public image.

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