Camilla Parker-Bowles Actually Saved The Royal Family. Royal Biographer Claims That In A New Book

Date April 10, 2018

For quite a while now, not many people have been in favor of Prince’s Charles wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. But the fact is, one day, she might be Britain’s queen consort.


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Now, British royal biographer Penny Junor is trying to restore Camilla’s image in her new book titled The Duchess: Camilla Parker Bowles and the Love Affair That Rocked the Crown, where she claims that the woman, once known as the most hated in the United Kingdom, is actually responsible for saving the royal family.


Junor laid out her cards in the book’s introduction, writing:

In my view, when history comes to judge her, Camilla will not be seen as the woman who nearly brought down the House of Windsor. I think she will be recognized as the woman who shored it up.


For people who admire Camilla, the book will be a hit. For those who still carry a torch for Princess Diana, probably not so much. But it can give another perspective to the story of the Duchess of Cornwall. Nevertheless, no matter whether you love her or hate her, Camilla is here to stay.


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According to Penny Junor, the Duchess of Cornwall turned a melancholy man into a happy husband and helped make his duty-bound life a little easier, which made her win the hearts of those who felt the most hostile towards her - Queen Elizabeth II and Princes William and Harry.



Junor writes:

She has given Charles belief in himself that he's never had before, and that has made him much more likable and therefore much more popular. And popularity is vital in a modern-day monarch. He's no longer angst-ridden and tortured; he's relaxed, he's humorous, he's teasing and he looks happy. The public wants to engage with him again. And she has made that happen.


In other words, the biographer thinks Camilla saved Prince Charles, thus saving the Windsor dynasty itself.


Junor believes that one day, the British public will acknowledge what Camilla has done for them, and maybe, they will curtsy to the new queen. And even if she won’t be one officially, she will always be the queen for Charles.

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