School Horror: Knife Attack At Russian Learning Institution Leaves Several People Wounded

Date April 18, 2018

School is supposed to be a safe environment where students can learn the basics of many important subjects without fearing for their lives. Even though school staff works on making everyone feel secure, crime and violence do find their way in.


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Despite the recent emphasis on school shootings, fatal cases of violence at schools are relatively low. Nonetheless, non-fatal crime happens sometimes even more frequently at schools than away from them.

The attack in a Russian school

In the morning of April 18 in Sterlitamak, Russia, the school No. 1 was caught on fire. According to investigators, a 17-year-old student attacked a classmate and teacher with a knife, then he set the class on fire and tried to commit suicide.


super duper guards in schools in the city of Sterlitamak

Previously, the attacker talked to his friend on social media, saying he’s getting ready to kill people. According to Ufa1, the boy had a “list of enemies”, and he told his friends that he wanted to deal with them, but nobody paid attention to his words.

And again, games, movies and probably the Internet will be to blame. 17-year-old from Sterlitamak cut the teacher, classmate and himself (in order not to answer before Themis or his mamma). In short, the situation is still unclear, and we are waiting for the development of events.

Four victims were sent to the hospital with stab wounds. Their condition is estimated as of moderate severity. Now, they are in the intensive care unit, but luckily, their lives are not in danger.

A high school student attacked a school in the city of Sterlitamak

This nice young man on the left is Artem Tagirov. Today in the morning he seriously injured his computer science teacher. Because of the fire, which he then set up, two more girls were hurt. Artem himself tried to commit suicide.

The attacker was prosecuted for "attempted murder of two or more persons." Another case was filed on the fact of negligence, which was committed by the staff of the teenage crime prevention agencies.

The student tried to set a class on fire at a school in the Bashkir city of Sterlitamak. The total area of fire was about one square meter, the student was arrested.

How can we prevent these awful crimes from happening and protect our children?

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