Lack Of Imagination? Queen Elizabeth II Reveals The One Present That She Always Gets From People

Date April 11, 2018

When you hear the word "documentary," you probably think about long and boring movies that only a few people are interested in. But we can assure you that the new program The Queen's Green Planet is completely the opposite.

In it, Elizabeth II is walking through the gardens of Buckingham Palace with Sir David Attenborough. And you can see her laughing and smiling a lot, discussing modern life, complaining about health, and proving she has a wonderful sense of humor.

As part of the discussion, the monarch opens up about being difficult to give gifts to. Surely, buying a present for any woman is a hard task. So, we can only imagine the pressure heads of state and political leaders have to go through when choosing a gift for the 91-year-old.

As it turns out, people avoid presenting the Queen with something unusual and rare. Instead, she often gets one particular present.

What is it?

While discussing roses in the gardens of Buckingham Palace, the Queen admits that dignitaries often opt for the trusted gift of a plant:

I've been quite difficult to give presents to, so. Of course, they’ve said, 'Oh well let's give her a plant.'


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And commoners also seem to have the same thought process when it comes to buying Elizabeth II a present.


Somebody else would quickly get tired when presented with plants and flowers over and over again. But judging by how smiley the monarch is when she gets them, it looks like she’s enjoying it.

Just take a look at these adorable pics




Still, the members of the royal family often get unusual gifts. The Queen’s son, Prince Charles, once got framed animation of him with Postman Pat.



He also often receives books, perfumes, and ornaments.


An avid sports fan, Prince Harry gets many sports-related goods, such as rucksacks and baseball caps.


And in the case of the monarch, she also received lavish jewelry and other items, such a jeweled ostrich egg or enameled scarab beetles.

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