Who Pays For The Trumps? Donald And Eric Make Another Costly Business Trip

Date April 9, 2018

President’s family takes advantage of Donald’s position and uses the Trump Organization resources to travel around the world. The Secret Service costs are being spent with unbelievable pace, and the source of these funds are the taxpayers.


Costly family vacation

The US leader once loudly announced that he was not the one to take time off; however, he didn’t mention anything about his family. The voyages that Trump’s relatives are taking advantage of are quite costly and sometimes even unjustified.

For example, previously, the family visited the ski slopes of Aspen, Colorado for an extended vacation. The trip consisted of Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, their spouses, their kids, and their dogs.

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The Secret Service had to spent almost $330,000 for all their needs during the trip. Particularly, $50,000 was spent on skiing equipment and renting the cars. It is worth mentioning that the mountain vacation has been a tradition for the family for ages.

However, since their patriarch became a president, the habit is perceived rather as an ordeal.

Trumps' recent trip

And the reason for this is enormous spending of resources on the Security Service. The organization itself refused to provide any comments, motivating it with the confidential reasons. However, its former director W. Ralph Basham made an extensive announcement regarding the issue:

The Secret Service does not have an option as to when it is, where it is, nor as to how much it costs, and whether it’s domestic or international. Think about the consequences of something happening to one of the children. The security of it outweighs the expenses of it.


The end of March also featured Trump’s expensive trip. This time, Mr. President’s two sons Donald and Eric went to Dubai to conduct some family business that was not related to any government work.


The Secret Service accompanied the two that costed the American taxpayers $73,000. The money spent on the trip was mainly spent on hotel rooms and car rentals.


The reason for the travel was unique – Eric and Donald were spending time with the Trump Organization's Middle East business partner Hussain Sajwani and his family.

His daughter Amira is about to have a wedding, so it was necessary to congratulate the happy father.


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Apart from that, the trip included the visit to Trump International Golf Club, Dubai. Not far from the place, there is another president’s property under construction: the Trump World Golf Club, which was designed by Tiger Woods according to the Trump Organization.


Previous expenses

The money that is spent on the security is huge; however, there is always a chance of an unwilling accident. The president protects his family as much as he can, and the Americans are obliged to pay for this.


In comparison to America’s former president Barack Obama, the Secret Service spent only $10 million on the family security over the eight years of his presidency.


Trump has a lot of close people to care about. Therefore, the amount of resources necessary to grant their security is corresponding.


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