John Legend's Daughter Luna Is Turned 2! Chrissy Teigen Shared The Fabulous Birthday Party Impressions

Date April 19, 2018 13:54

Luna Legend-Teigen turned two this Saturday! The adorable daughter of Chrissy and John celebrated her second birthday in a fashionable way. Her parents conducted a massive party for the cutie that you should definitely check out.


Recent adventure

The family recently visited Hong Kong Disneyland and met Luna’s favorite cartoon character – Minnie Mouse. The amazing mother couldn’t help sharing a few photos on her Instagram to show us the little princess and cheer the fans with the family’s marvelous adventure.

Luna’s parents do everything to satisfy their daughter and show the world how cute she is. The recent occasion wasn’t disappointing as well.

Dream party for a dream girl

The happiest parents wanted the party to be unforgettable and even though the kid doesn’t perceive the occasion completely, she will enjoy reminiscing the fabulous moments when she gets older. The party was themed to Luna’s favorite Sesame Street show, so the girl was fascinated with all the peculiarities of her birthday party.

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Especially, the kid enjoyed the cake that was decorated with her favorite characters. We can only smack our lips and imagine how delicious that three-layered giant was.

The party is an excellent proof of the immaculate relationship between Chrissy and John, confirming that the two are excellent parents for their little daughter.


Fascinating family

We are happy for the magnificent family and hope their bond will be so strong forever. We are patiently waiting for even more stunning photos of the three to keep cheering up while looking at the brilliant trio.


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