16-Year-Old Kyle Plush Suffocates To Death In Minivan. What Has Happened?


Sometimes, there’s nothing we can do about certain tragedies. However, sometimes, that is simply not true. 16-year-old Kyle Plush died, allegedly, because of the 911 operator outrageous negligence.

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How it happened?

The horrific tragedy happened in Cincinnati, Ohio. Reportedly, Kyle Plush died in his van because of asphyxiation caused by chest compression.

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The boy called 911 twice with the help of voice activation of Siri and provided the dispatcher with needed information: location, model, and color of his van, where he was stuck and couldn’t breathe.

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He begged for help and said he probably had not much time left. Kyle repeated twice that the call was not a joke. The desperate boy asked to send a message to his mother:

I probably don’t have much time left, so tell my mom that I love her if I die.

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It was too late

Officers arrived a few minutes later at the Seven Hills School parking lot. However, they didn’t know what they were looking for. Unfortunately, they didn’t find Kyle. The report states that the dispatcher didn’t provide the officers with the vital information about the car.

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Seven hours later, the van was found by one of the family members after a call from a classmate, who saw Kyle heading to his van, but it was too late. Kyle was found dead inside his car.

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Allegedly, the teen was climbing in the back of the van to get his tennis equipment, when the horrible accident happened. The backseat flipped and crushed on him in the way that he got stuck between the foldable part and the actual seat.


The information missed by the dispatcher could’ve saved the boy’s life. The investigation is still ongoing. Police are trying to determine how the vital information didn’t get to the officers on the scene.

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The community is shocked by this heartbreaking tragedy:

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It is said that Kyle was a small guy with a big heart and sincere smile. We send our deep condolences to the family and are praying with them.

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