Fox News Host Laura Ingraham And David Hogg's Conflict Is Not Resolved. Here Are Some New Details!

Date April 5, 2018

The stories continue to revolve around David Hogg, a self-proclaimed spokesperson of a generation and a movement against gun violence. Laura Ingraham, a Fox News host, apologized after bullying the student on Twitter earlier.


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Parkland survivor vs. Fox News host

David Hogg is a Parkland massacre survivor, the student of the Florida high school who helped organize March for Our Lives, an advocate for gun-control policies. David has already been on Laura Ingraham’s show. It was right after the tragedy happened on February 14. The student gave an interview and told millions of people what he saw and heard during the shooting.

The interview with David Hogg on February 14

Timeline of the conflict

After that, a lot of things happened between these two. So, to make things clear, here is a small timeline of the conflict.

The rivalry started after David Hogg gave an interview to TMZ, where he told that he had been rejected by four University of California campuses. He also told it’s been hard not only for him but also for the other Parkland massacre survivors.

Laura Ingraham then posted a tweet where she mocked David. That’s when things got really messy.

David Hogg asked people to help him determine her show’s biggest advertisers.

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After he successfully created the list, he called for a boycott.

Many people joined the boycott and tweeted back.

The advertisers couldn’t pass by and reacted by leaving Laura. Nestle told HuffPost that they have no plans to continue buying ads from the show. Some others tweeted:

Laura Ingraham publicly apologized and invited David to the show via Twitter:

However, the student did not accept the apology and continued his campaign against the Fox News host.

He also gave an interview to CNN where he disapproved Laura's work:

All we’re trying to do here is save lives. And when people are trying to distract like Laura’s trying to do right now from with the real issue here is, which is gun violence in America, it’s not only sad, it’s just wrong.

Fox News will not fire Laura

People’s opinion is divided in half. Nevertheless, Fox News stands by Laura’s side and looks forward to her Monday show, after she gets back from a vacation with her family.


What do you think of this conflict? Maybe, they are both wrong?

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