22-Year-Old Woman Died After Being Hit By A Truck In La Jolla On Her Birthday

Date April 18, 2018 16:01

It is always terrifying when a tragedy comes out of the blue. You can be alive and secure, but just in a second, everything might change. It was Mika’s 22nd birthday when everything changed so horribly.


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What happened?

The woman got hit by a truck near La Jolla shopping center when allegedly trying to chase her loose dog. The Garda armored truck was turning right, and it is unclear why the driver didn’t stop the vehicle. Reportedly, the woman was waving her hands and leaned to catch the dog.

She was so young

Mika’s boyfriend, Hunter Chenier, witnessed the accident. He told police the couple celebrated Mika’s 22nd birthday, and the man even wanted to ‘take things to the next level.’ Some other witnesses saw the couple arguing right before the accident. Hunter commented:

This truck comes around the corner kind of fast and she was worried about the dog so she was waving her arms and then the truck just kind of slammed her and she went under the front and back wheels.

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Hunter ran to the victim right after the accident to provide help and ensure she was alive. Mika was able to talk, and the boyfriend thought it was a good sign. Unfortunately, the woman died later in the hospital.

Heartbreaking tragedy

Hunter had to remain on the scene, as he was the witness and had to help with the investigation. The boyfriend collapsed on the ground when he heard the tragic news.


We send our prayers and condolences to the family. Such horrible accidents should not be happening!


Take care when crossing the road and assume that the driver might not stop his vehicle!

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