Melania And Donald Trump Had Another Awkward Hand-Holding Moment That Made Social Media Explode With Comments

Date April 25, 2018

Oops! Another awkward hand-holding moment between Donald and Melania Trump made Twitter users “expose” with comments. If you don’t believe us, just check it out yourself.


Oops! This is awkward!

It is always hard to say how the things are going on between the US president and the first lady. One day, Donald and Melania may post a sweet family photo together, and the next day, Melania refuses to hold Donald’s hand or kiss him on the public.

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On Tuesday, Donald and Melania had another awkward hand-holding moment when they welcomed the French president and his wife. In the video captured by MSNBC, it is clearly seen that Donald makes an attempt to hold Melania’s hand but his wife obviously has no desire to support her husband’s gentle gesture.

People on Twitter “exposed” with funny comments about the ridiculous situation.


Another awkward moment came when Donald was trying to kiss Melania. It’s hard to say for sure, maybe it’s because of her hat but the ‘kiss attempt’ didn’t work out at first. And again, social media went crazy with the comments.

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Probably, the only perfect thing at that meeting was Melania’s gorgeous white outfit. Her glamorous white hat deserves a particular attention. At least, some good news for the first lady.


What do you think about Melania and Donald’s hand-holding moment? We look forward to reading your comments.

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