Prince Harry Asked His Brother William To Be His Best Man At The Wedding. What Did William Answer?

Date April 26, 2018 14:21

Prince Harry finally chose the best man at his May 19 royal wedding! Drumroll, please! It’s his older brother William.

Prince Harry chose his best man!


We already know a lot of details about Harry and Meghan’s future wedding. We know when and where! Just in case you missed it – they will marry at St. George’s Chapel on May 19. We know all the details about their wedding cake, music, and even the name of their florist (it appeared to be Philippa Craddock).


The only thing that didn’t let us sleep at night was who will be Harry’s best man at the wedding. Finally, the big mystery was revealed. On Thursday morning, Kensington Palace made an official announcement saying that Prince Harry asked his brother to be his best man.

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In fact, when people were making suggestions about Harry’s best man, their number one choice was Prince William. So, our congratulations to everyone who guessed it right!


Harry was the best man at William and Kate’s wedding in 2011. Now, it is William’s turn to support his younger brother on the big day.


The statement continues that Duke of Cambridge was honored to have been asked and is very much looking forward to supporting his brother at the wedding.

The news came as a surprise because some people thought that Duke of Cambridge won’t get the job at all due to the fact that there is no such role as a best man in royal weddings in general. In 2011, Prince William broke the royal tradition when asked Harry to make him such a favor.

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Our congratulations to Prince William on his new title! It’s so great that two brothers are so close and are ready to support each other at the most important moment.


What do you think of Prince Harry’s choice? We look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments.

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