The People's King: Prince William Is Not Keen On Ascending The Throne Before His Father

Date April 3, 2018 16:59

A 2017 poll by The Sun revealed that more Britons want Prince William to be King instead of Prince Charles. In all, 78% of respondents support Prince William’s ascension. And a majority of those who favor Prince Charles are in their 70’s.


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To make matters worse, 36% said Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, should not be named Queen if Prince Charles becomes King. Instead, most people say she should be designated Princess Consort. But why is this so?


There is still a lot of animosity against the Duchess from Britons who blame her for Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s separation. Her marriage and acceptance into the Royal family seem to have done only so much to change this.


On the other hand, Prince William and Kate Middleton continue to have increased support from the British public.


The decline in support for Prince Charles may also be a direct result of the Late Diana’s controversial recordings broadcast by Channel 4. According to Diana, Prince Charles told her he “refused to be the only Prince of Wales never to have a mistress.


And Prince William seems to have even more support from women according to the polls. 58% of the female respondents preferred him to his father as King.

Does Prince William want the crown?

Prince William is not unaware of the attention growing about him and the throne. In the course of the past year, he has been handed over even more Royal responsibilities.

However, the prince is focused on attending to the duties assigned to him and taking care of his family.

During the celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s birthday, Prince William made it clear that ascension to the throne was not a priority for him.

According to the prince, he did not spend sleepless nights thinking about being King. Still, he adds that when the time comes, he would be ready to shoulder the responsibilities.

Immediately, his major concern is finding ways to keep the British Monarchy relevant. He said:

The royal family has to modernise and develop as it goes along, and it has to stay relevant. And that is the challenge for me. How do I make the royal family relevant in the next 20 years?

Judging from his statements, it is pretty clear that Prince William is in no hurry to become King.

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Prince Charles is still likely to be King

Author Gill Knappet still maintains that Prince Charles is set to be King, despite the clamor for Prince William. Knappet claims that Prince Charles is “desperate to become King of the United Kingdom” and has been waiting for the opportunity all his years.


Sadly, Britons do not seem to fancy seeing Prince Charles as King much.

In spite of this, Knappet still believes that Prince Charles would make a competent King. Also, she believes that the British people would eventually warm up to him when he ascends the throne.

Without doubt, when the time comes, our new King will serve with a strength of character that will continue to see our Royal Family the envy of the world. When that will be is for God alone to know.

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