Scandalous Life And Death Of Rebel Royal Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth's Sister

Date April 5, 2018 14:56

Queen Elizabeth's younger sister, Princess Margaret, drew attention to her personal life as it was marked by provocative relationships.

Who was Princess Margaret?

Following the abdication of Edward VIII to marry American Wallis Simpson, her parents were crowned King George VI and Queen Elizabeth in 1937.


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As a child, Princess Margaret enjoyed swimming and displayed a talent for the piano. She was educated at Buckingham Palace but moved to Windsor Castle upon the outbreak of World War II.


The younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II became known for her independent streak, her reputation reinforced by a controversial relationship with royal equerry Peter Townsend.


The princess wed photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones in 1960, but their marriage was also tainted by scandal before their divorce in 1978 - the first record of a divorce in the royal family in 400 years. Margaret died in London after a stroke, on February 9, 2002

The scandals she left in her trail

Princess Margaret did not fit the typical box of a royal. She was a drinker, smoker and partied regularly. She also spoke her mind and was always fashionably late. But it was her controversial romances that kept her in the public eye a lot.

Margaret got close to Group Captain Peter Townsend, a royal equerry, and their secret relationship was exposed at the coronation of sister, Queen Elizabeth II, in 1953. Though Townsend was an older man and a recent divorcee, the relationship was frowned upon by the Church and Parliament. She announced her separation from Townsend in October 1955 after failing to follow through an agreement that would allow her to marry him; it meant forfeiting her rights to succession.

Princess Margaret eventually struck up a relationship with photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, who was appointed 1st Earl of Snowdon following their marriage in May 1960. Their son, David Albert Charles, was born in November 1961, and daughter, Lady Sarah Frances Elizabeth, followed in May 1964.

By the late 1960s, Margaret and Lord Snowdon's high-profile union was rumored to be on the brink of being over. Although they remained married, Margaret developed a relationship with a landscape gardener, Roddy Llewellyn. The public became aware of them when the two were photographed together on vacation in the early 70s.

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The press lapped at the opportunity to report on the affair. Margaret and Lord Snowdon separated shortly after the scandal reached headlines, and in May 1978 they completed their divorce, the first by a British royal couple in 400 years.

She died in 2002

Like father, like daughter, after years of heavy smoking, Princess Margaret had an operation to remove part of her left lung in early 1985.

In 1993, she caught pneumonia. As she was no longer the subject of media scrutiny, Margaret withdrew into a private life as the tabloids focused on Princess Diana and the younger generation of royals.

She dealt with increasing health problems in later years, enduring a series of strokes and an accident with hot bathwater. After her third stroke, the princess died on February 9, 2002, in London.

More than a decade later, Princess Margaret featured prominently in The Crown, a popular Netflix drama about the British monarchy during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.

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