Dog Owners' Warning Goes Viral After They Shared The Traumatic And Sudden Loss Of Their Beloved Pet

Date April 12, 2018

Two heartbroken Texan dog owners have shared the tragic story of how their dogPetey, died. Their aim is to help other dog parents protect their fur-babies from the same fate.

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Petey's death

Their story began when husband, Christian Young, returned from work early and Petey did not greet him at the door in his usual way.

When Christian searched to know where the dog was, he found him lifeless with a chip bag over his head.

Petey lost his air supply while trying to eat remnant crumbs after the actual chips ran out.

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The couple say they were used to leaving chip bags on the counter top, and it was one of these that had lured Petey to his death.

Their story is not peculiar

The woman, Christina Young, 28, said the dog died of suffocation. According to her, she was shocked that he did not try to free himself off the bag with his paws. However, upon further research, she learnt that their story was not peculiar to them.

What's more, their story has made other dog owners aware of a danger they would probably have overlooked until it happened to them.

On Facebook, people were both touched by the couple's loss and struck by how adorable the late Petey was.

One commenter said:

Thank you for sharing and helping others understand the dangers out there.

Protect your pet from suffocation

Pet suffocation is more common than most people realize. 3 to 5 cases get reported every week, and almost half of these cases happen while the pet owner is really close by.

The usual culprits are snack, cereal, bread, and popcorn bags. Containers that fit around the head of the pet also cause suffocation.


While some of these cases can be treated, if they are not discovered on time, the likelihood is that the pet may be beyond saving by the time it is found. It only takes about 3 minutes for their oxygen to drop to fatal levels.

Prevent a pet's suffocation today by keeping those bags and containers out of reach.

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