Royal Rules! 10 Unusual Things Meghan Markle Has To Come To Terms With Before Her Wedding Day

Date April 26, 2018

In December 2017, Kensington Palace announced the May 19, 2018, wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.


The ceremony, which breaks the usual royal tradition of weekday weddings, is set to be the biggest event in Britain this year.


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What we know about the wedding

Although the palace has regularly furnished the public with information concerning the wedding, there are still a number of unanswered questions.


The designer Markle will choose for her wedding dress remains unknown, and Britons are yet to know if the wedding day will be a bank holiday.


For William and Kate Middleton's 2011 wedding, businesses did not open until midday, and the Queen's 90th birthday also afforded Britons a break from their regular routines.


As far as Markle's future title goes, the public has since been told that she will be Duchess of Sussex. And in exactly one month, she will ease into this new role alongside Prince Harry who becomes the Duke of Sussex.

Royal rules for the big day

Their new life comes with a host of rules and adjustments, many of which Markle will have to abide by on her wedding day. Here's a list of things that the future Duchess has had to come to terms with ahead of her big day:

1. She is mandated to wear white.


Divorcee or not, Markle must follow the trend Queen Victoria began in 1840.

2. Her wedding gown must be accessorized with a tiara.


Markle has some say here, but it is expected that she'll wear one anyway. I mean, who doesn't want a tiara?

3. Her bouquet must have myrtle somewhere in there.


This herb of love was first used by Queen Victoria. She even went ahead to plant a myrtle shrub. And, it is from this shrub that Markle will get hers.

4. Her groom will be in military regalia.


Again, another Victoria legacy. Prince Albert wore military uniform. This aside, Harry served in the army, so it's expected.

5. The royals sit on the right side of the church.


This changes depending on the gender of the royal. If a princess is getting married, the royals sit on the left side of the aisle.

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6. The dress code is not flexible.


The men wear military or lounge suits, and the women wear day dresses.

7. Her wedding ring must contain Welsh gold.


The Queen Mother began this trend in 1923, and every royal bride since then has followed suit.

8. The Queen must have given them a written permission.


Because Harry is one of the six persons next in line to the succession, he was expected to get a written permission from the Queen. Without this, there would have been no marriage.

9. She will be hosting their reception lunch.

The couple can do their own thing later, but the Queen gets to host the reception lunch.

10. They will have to make their formal wedding portrait on that day.

This is perhaps the highlight of the day as Markle will get her first photo with members of the royal family.

Their first official interview

The couple, who are obviously in love, granted their first official interview as a couple in November.

They held hands for most of it and could barely contain their pleasure in each other's company.

BBC News / YouTube

The world learnt that Harry did the romantic thing by getting on one knee to propose, and Meghan was too ecstatic to let him finish. We wish the beautiful couple well.

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