Tale Of Two Princesses: The Strange Similarities Between The Lives Of Grace Kelly And Princess Diana

Date April 16, 2018

Princess Diana lived a life that was stunning and brief. The world was enthralled by her, the young woman who married into the British royal family and changed them forever.


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Grace Kelly's life

Very few people, however, realize there were great similarities between Diana and another much loved woman who married into a royal family.

Before Diana, there had been Grace Kelly. And both women had a number of similarities that are hard to overlook.

Grace died when Diana was a young mom still figuring out what it meant to be a royal. In her time, she had taken Hollywood by storm with a brilliant acting career that earned her an Oscar before she retired.


She lived the rest of her life married to Prince Rainier of Monaco.

She was born into the formidably influential Kelly family with talented sisters and a brother. Kelly was seen as the least likely to succeed because she was shy and not as charismatic as her siblings.


The one thing she was good at was acting. And she was pretty resilient despite the constant dismissal from her father.


He is known to have told a reporter who asked him if he was proud of Grace:

Anything that Grace could do, Peggy could always do better.

She and Princess Diana were very alike

Diana, on her part, has said she was the Spencer sibling that was regarded as "thick in the head." She grew up with this inadequacy and self-consciousness. But, she was also fiercely independent and persistent.

She and Grace were not only women made royal by marriage, they were dedicated humanitarians.

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And, tragically, both women died in car crashes. Though, in Diana's case, she was not behind the wheel.

Kelly's remarkable career

In her lifetime, Kelly made 11 movies that continue to be revered as classics. She is known to have owned each character she played completely.


Here's a rundown of her most captivating performances:

"Dial M for Murder" (1954)

Here, she played an unfaithful wife who outsmarts her husband and his plans to kill her. It is still considered one of the best thrillers to date.

"High Society" (1956)

This was her last feature film role before she got married, and the movie boasted a star studded cast, including Frank Sinatra and Louis Armstrong.

"To Catch A Thief" (1955)

In this thriller with a romantic bent, she stars opposite the iconic Cary Grant.

"The Swan" (1957)

Here, she played a princess getting married to a Crown Prince. Ironically, it was the second to last film she made before she became a real life princess.

"Rear Window" (1954)

The movie follows the life of a wheelchair-bound journalist who fears he has witnessed his neighbor commit a terrible crime. Kelly is stunning and remarkable here as his love interest and cohort.

"The Country Girl" (1954)

She got an Academy Award for her role as the wife of an alcoholic.

If she had survived the crash, she would have been 88 in November 2017. Diana would have been 57. The world was changed by both women in phenomenal ways.

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