Woman Takes One Look At Her Newborn And Suddenly Understands Why She Felt Weird During The Pregnancy

Date December 19, 2018 15:48

Childbirth is a truly beautiful and magical experience. Some women choose to make it even more so by giving birth in the comfort of their homes. Amber DeAnn Rojas' birth story, which she shared on LoveWhatMatters, is incredibly inspiring.

Her pregnancy

For Amber, baby number five was never in the plans. She already had her hands full, juggling four kids, her marriage, and two jobs. So when she found out she was pregnant for the fifth time, she took a pause.

She confided in Kaitlyn, her midwife, that she was a little bit concerned this time around, but Kaitlyn was very supportive. Amber came to accept she was having another child, and her family simply chose to be excited rather than scared.

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Because she was an old pro at the pregnancy gig, Amber and her husband decided to have an element of surprise this time around. They did not want to find out the baby's gender until delivery.

For Amber, not knowing made things a little stressful. She explained that she found it almost impossible to envision what her family would look like. But there was something else bugging her.

I also knew that something was different. I didn’t know why or what, but I always told my husband, ‘This baby was going to be different’. My pregnancy wasn’t different, but I knew something was. He kept saying it was because we didn’t know what the baby was, which is why I felt that way.

As the pregnancy progressed, Amber's odd feeling intensified. She suspected that something was different about her unborn child's breathing pattern.

Toward the end of my pregnancy, I could feel our baby breathe which was soooo different. No one believed me, but if you have been pregnant as much as I have been, you learn a lot about your body. It was fast and consistent. Not like kicks or hiccups.

Giving birth

Amber went into labor at 38 weeks and six days. She chose to have a water birth in her home, and the delivery went by really fast.

Next thing I knew, my sweet baby was in my arms and I had so many emotions; and as soon as I looked down, I saw it. I saw it in my baby’s face. I thought to myself… my baby has Down syndrome.

While drinking in her beautiful baby, she was oblivious to the fact that her family had an important question. Was it a boy or a girl? It was at that point that she looked down and got another surprise. Her baby is a girl.

As Amber continued observing her baby, she noticed other things about her, including the fact that she felt "really limp" and her eyes were different. She wondered why no one else around her saw what she was seeing.

Why isn’t anyone saying anything? Then, I saw her breathing, and it was just like how I felt it in my stomach (now I know it’s due to her heart defect) — fast and consistent.

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A few minutes later, Amber's midwife pointed out what the mom knew in her heart all along - that her baby had a few Down syndrome markers. Amber was relieved that her observations were confirmed.

I knew it! I KNEW IT! I wasn’t going crazy! I knew something was different when I was pregnant.

Immediately, she began learning all she could about raising a child with Down syndrome. The baby was also later diagnosed with a heart defect. But to her family, Amadeus Reign Rojas was perfect. She was beautiful and happy. Her parents loved her completely and wholeheartedly. The child might have had a tough road ahead of her, but she had the unconditional love and support of her wonderful family.

Amadeus' battle

On the second of April, Amber shared an emotional social media post about how difficult Amadeus journey to health had been.

She explained that her little girl was about to undergo open heart surgery and, even though it had been a struggle, she chose to stay strong.

You will want to hold or help your baby and YOU will feel COMPLETELY helpless because you are unable to. Did you know your baby can cry without actually making noises?! They do, and it’s heartbreaking! BUT you WILL hold your baby again!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the beautiful little girl as she embarks on this tough journey to someday become a thriving and healthy child.

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