Michael Jackson: The Tragic Story Of The King Of Pop's Changing Face And Plastic Surgery Addiction

Date April 6, 2018

It almost seems impossible now to imagine that botched plastic surgery jobs were mostly responsible for the destruction of Michael Jackson’s face.

It began with one nose job

Less than three decades after Jackson's failed attempts at rhinoplasty, we live in an age when Kylie Jenner altered her face so perfectly, without hitch.


It has become impossible to remember what Kylie used to look like just a few years ago. But Jackson, with all his money and fame, apparently did not have Kardashian-level connections with plastic surgeons.

Perhaps, his problem ran much deeper?

Before his first nose job, a 19-year-old Michael Jackson spotted an Afro, pimply face, and what Beyonce proudly called "the Jackson 5 nostrils" in her hit single, "Formation."


But he was traumatized by his nose and pimple-spangled face. By the time he was 20, he was sporting a much narrower nose.

Ashamed to admit that he had altered his nose, he claimed that a dance rehearsal accident made him undergo a necessary operation.

An unrecognizable King of Pop

By the time his famous "Thriller" album was released, he had undergone a few more facial alterations and was wearing face lightening makeup. He had lost his Afro too.


These days, it is easy to say that the King of Pop was insecure about his looks and addicted to plastic surgery. But while his face was going through each shocking change, it was quite heartbreaking to observe.

He went from being cherub-like to unrecognizable. By the time he began to answer for child molestation charges, he looked nothing like the teen idol who had captured the world’s imagination with his voice and artistry.


Jackson's biographer, J. Randy Taraborrelli, told Cynthia McFadden of ABC News in 2003:

When he started to change physically as all guys do, when they go through adolescence and puberty, this was really difficult for him.

He had at least 100 procedures done!

Jackson's surgeon until the late 1990s was Dr. Steven Laughlin. When the star made an appearance in Seoul in 1999, Laughlin told ABC News that the pop idol was very happy with his face.

He admitted, though, that Jackson had done more than he recommended in terms of the changes.


In total, Daily Mail reports that Jackson had no less that 100 procedures done.


He also severely bleached his skin to manage a vitiligo condition that made him turn to creams to get rid of his natural dark pigment.

Jackson is said to have done multiple nose jobs, cheek implants, fixed a cleft in his chin, and done an eyelid surgery, among other inappropriate operation.

The nature of his death in 2009 continues to be shrouded in mystery. And his inability to overcome the insecurities that plagued him is an enduring lesson on the importance of self-love.

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