Hospital Wedding: The Happy Father Passed Away After Walking His Daughter Down The Aisle In An Unusual Place

Date April 5, 2018 12:07

If for the ordinary people seeing a fiancée’s father on the way to the aisle is a common experience, for Viennese Stanton, this was almost impossible. The happy bride’s dad was suffering from leukemia and had limited time left in this world. That is why the couple decided to perform something that had never been done before: They organized the wedding ceremony in the hospital.


Father's obligation

For the father of fiancée, it is a sacred ritual to walk the daughter down the aisle. However, there are some more obligations a dad must be ready to fulfill. The bride's father decides all the financial aspects of the marriage. Only when the future son-in-law asks the father for the hand of his daughter, he will be obliged to invite the groom's parents to discuss the estimated cost of the celebration and the distribution of duties.

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In addition, the future father-in-law is obliged to find a banquet hall, order cars for the wedding procession, and approve the list of guests. By the way, according to the tradition, the parents of the bride send out invitations to the wedding of their daughter.

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The main honorable duty of the bride's father at the wedding is the right to pronounce the first speech in honor of the newlyweds. It is one of the core moments of the festive celebration. That's why the bride's father needs to think through the text in advance, and even rehearse his speech a couple of times, looking in the mirror. Another glorious duty, or even a wedding tradition, is the father's dance with his daughter. According to etiquette, this is the third dance of the bride after dancing with her husband and father-in-law.


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Surprising wedding

Viennese Stanton perceived the situation that her father couldn’t attend the City Hall with sorrow but didn’t want to give up.


A resourceful woman asked the hospital staff about the possibility to organize the ceremony for the father inside the building, and the answer was positive.

The day of the wedding was pushed so that there was no risk for the dad to miss the event due to incurable leukemia:

Given the news of my father’s life expectancy (and with the help of an AMAZING nurse team), we were able to have a surprise wedding so my Dad could attend. The nurse team kept the wedding a secret from my Dad, so this whole day was a surprise to him.

The dream came true: Viennese's father walked the happy daughter down the aisle to her groom, and a sincere smile was vivid on the face of both.

Precious parents

Today, her father is no longer with us. He left this world happy, fulfilling one of the most important tasks of the life. His daughter achieved his dream, making them both smile from ear to ear. The tribute that Viennese paid for her dad deserves being remembered forever.

People should be thankful to their parents like Stanton was to her father. These people are the most significant for everybody, so take care of your mom and dad for giving you something that nobody else could have given – your life.


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