Once Failed, A Man May Lose His Partner Forever: Reasons Why Women Hardly Ever Change Their Minds

Date April 4, 2018 12:37

Women are the ones to endure a lot of challenges and troubles. However, when her patience has been severely shaken, and there is no desire to deal with the issue anymore, nothing will make her return to the initial point. It also concerns dating and marriages. Even though men normally leave quicker, women are hardly ever convinced to start everything over.

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Define abusive partner

An abusive marriage is a common experience in nowadays society. People turn out to be not the ones they were first loved for.


They are eager to know your every step and every move when you are not near them. Your finances are controlled not by you, and your entire life becomes a complete credit loan. While you have to report about your every event, the abuser doesn’t like to talk about the affairs happened to them. /

Apart from that, they try to quarrel you with the friends and relatives, considering you as their belonging. Your privacy is already a miracle as they control your browser history, messages, and phone calls. Their jealousy and rage have no measures, and they easily become angry because of you.


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In case you recognize your marriage, there is only one way out – quit, as there is nothing possible that you can do with a person who deceived you first and then turned your life into a terrible nightmare.

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Nothing will change her mind

As a woman decided to leave, nothing can make her change her mind, and the reason is simple: She has seen enough, and there is no possibility to increase her endurance as the top has already been reached.

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Apart from this, the other reasons include the difference between men’s and women’s world perception.

Smarter choice

In case a man leaves you, there is no need to run after him, pleading to stay. He is stupid enough to surrender, while you are smart enough to let him go.

Strong decision

Men think women may come back. The answer is no; hardly anything will ever make a female return to the person with whom she suffered.


Men’s fault

For a man, it is difficult to understand that they do something wrong. Time flies, and if the understanding doesn’t come, there is no reason to suffer anymore.

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A locked woman will never become the same as soon as she feels how it is to be free. Nobody will ever exchange freedom for captivity.

Time to forget

The soul scars are the slowest to disappear. That is why waiting for a woman to change her mind immediately is a bad idea.


Enough is enough, and while the ceiling differs from woman to woman, reaching its top is only the matter of time.

How not to lose

Every man should take care of his woman. If he made a choice, everything should be done to preserve the happy expression on her face. Once she leaves, the game is over.

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Only a miracle can help you conquer her back as she has seen what kind of person you may be. A woman is not an instrument; a woman is not a toy; a woman is a sacred creature that requires tender care and love because if you fail, she will remember it forever.

I am learning to love the sound of my feet walking away from things not meant for me.

Take care of your other half and be wise enough to keep her cheerful for the entire life.


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