Internet Bully Loses 400 Pounds After His Online Victims Challenge Him

Date April 4, 2018 16:58

A 28-year-old internet bully, Jesse Shand, managed to accomplish his unbelievable goal – losing more than 400 pounds and changing himself into a decent and kind man.

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Horrible state of mind

He was living with his mom and spending his time 24/7 at his computer without any exercises. Jesse Shand was constantly bullying people online. The man got to the point where he weighed over 700 pounds.

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Online trolling does everything possible to bring usually already upset people even more down than they are. Usually, it happens on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.


Jesse admits he was a vicious troll in the past. He confesses that trolling helped him focus on other people’s bad situations and continue ignoring his own.


Kindness of people can cure

But when Jesse targeted bodybuilders as his victims, the tables were turned. Instead of being confronted, bodybuilders demanded a photo of the troll. Surprisingly, Jesse agreed to send it. What’s even more astonishing is that he received tips on how to lose weight instead of mockery and insults. For instance, cold shower:

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The guys from gym tried to persuade Jesse to try to change his life. And the man did. He started with some easy steps, like flopping around in a chair to the music. Jesse started recording his progress:

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Jesse was motivated because of the people’s help. The bully inside of his mind was defeated, and Jesse could lose his weight.

I needed someone to believe in me long before I was ready to believe in myself.

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The past is in the past

Jessy started attending gym five times a week and completely gave up junk food.

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However, with such tremendous weight loss, Jesse found himself with a lot of loose skin. The surgery which is needed to remove all of that costs about $20,000.

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Jesse created a GoFunMe page to raise donations for the surgery. With the help of kind people, he successfully achieved this goal.


Such incredible transformation would be impossible without the support and faith of the people. Even his mother thought he’s going to die young.

Miracles do happen!

Sometimes, miracles happen regardless; and sometimes, we make them with our own hands. Just look at these another magical transformations. If they can do it - anybody can!