While Drawing This Picture, The Artist Made A Mistake. It Created An Interesting Brain Teaser


December 27, 2017 12:07 By Fabiosa

Our rapidly changing world constantly proposes us various difficult and tricky tasks to solve and tons of information to absorb and analyze.

Well, it’s very crucial for people to stay focused and develop our reasoning skills.

That is why we often use different logic games and exercises not just to have fun but work on logic, concentration, and memory.

The brain exercises are useful for young people to develop their skills, while for seniors, they may help slow down and delay the natural decline of mental activity caused by aging.

These effective exercises can stimulate very important executive functions, such as logic, planning, problem-solving, and, of course, reasoning.

Thus, the benefits of brain teasers are:

- brain stays active;

- a person experiences emotional satisfaction;

- memory and processing speed are enhanced;

- lower risks for dementia and Alzheimer's developing;

- concentration and focusing skills augment;

- and last but not the least, a person becomes fun.

So, here is one of them!

While our artist was working on this picture, he made a mistake.

The same situation, our forgetful artist made a mistake while drawing this picture as well.

(If there is a problem in finding the mistake, we’ve got a little hint for you - READ ALSO)

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Just in case, here is the answer to the first task.

Source: Ofigenno