Lady Di Was Not The First One! Before Meeting Diana, Prince Charles Proposed To Two Women

Date August 15, 2019

Prince Charles is a man of mystery. But no secrets ever stay hidden for long. As we have discovered, His Royal Highness was quite a lady man in his youth. But neither Camilla nor Diana were his first love.

Lady Di Was Not The First One! Before Meeting Diana, Prince Charles Proposed To Two WomenGetty Images / Ideal Image

It is rumored that the woman, who stole the prince’s heart was a daughter of the aristocrat and Chilean ambassador to Britain, Lucia Santa Cruz. The two met in 1969 but their romance was destined to end. Charles was not allowed to marry Lucia because she was a Roman Catholic and the law says that the heir to the throne can only marry a Protestant.

But she was not the only woman Charles thought of marrying. His heart was broken two more times before he met Diana.

Two other women in Charles' life

Just months before Charles met Diana, his future seemed to be settled. Lord Mountbatten wanted to set him up with his granddaughter Amanda Knatchbull and, to be fair, they seemed like a perfect match.

Two years after they started seeing each other, Charles popped a question, but his second-cousin refused the proposal.

While Amanda seemed like the ideal candidate, Charles also got involved in a steamy romance with a daughter of a Scottish landowner, Anna Wallace, whom he met the same year he got a ‘no’ from Knatchbull. Charles got madly in love once again and he asked Anna to marry him. However, Wallace rejected him too.

But the two continued dating until Charles met Camilla, and that was the end of that love story and beginning of the new one.

Did Charles use Camilla and then Diana to make the women who rejected him jealous?

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