Mom's Carbon Copy! Age-Progression Image Shows The Way Princess Charlotte Might Look At 18

Date September 16, 2019 19:05

Princess Charlotte is surely one of the cutest royal children in the world. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s only daughter will get even more beautiful as she grows up.

On the picture below, little Charlotte poses for her mommy.

It’s hard to tell who she resembles the most as we can see both Kate and William in her features.

But if you are curious to see how Charlotte would look like in the future, you don’t have to wait for ages!

The Princess at 18

Computer experts from America, who have worked on helping the police across the US with numerous missing persons and kidnapping cases, created a unique image showing how Princess Charlotte would look at 18 years old.

The snapshot was based on photos of Charlotte’s parents, Kate and William, as well as her grandparents from both sides - Diana and Charles, and Carole and Michael Middleton – at the same age.

To create “a look in the future”, a team of forensic computer age progression experts used a brand new technology. They believe that young Princess has ‘genetic prosperity’ that will help her to become a really beautiful woman in the future. We definitely can see that!

Another technology miracle

Scientists from the University of Bradford went even further and made age progression for Charlotte and George.

The ageing experts have used new software to produce portraits of the Cambridge children at ages from two to 60.

Those kids have definitely won the genes lottery, don’t you think?

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