Princess Diana Tried To Contact Sarah Ferguson The Day Before She Passed Away

Date September 5, 2019 02:41

We could set friendship goals by the example of relationships between the Princess of Wales, Diana, and the Princess of York, Sarah Ferguson. These royal ladies were related, being 4th cousins. They used to spend a lot of time together way before they became an official part of the British monarchy.

Diana and Sarah's friendship

Diana and Sarah had the same interests and hobbies. They regularly met each other at Buckingham Palace for tea parties. Sarah attended her wedding with Prince Charles. In fact, Diana was the reason she came across her future husband, Prince Andrew.

Diana helped Sarah through her first meetings with the royal family. Sarah Ferguson recalled those memories in her biography, Finding Sarah: A Duchess' Journey to Find Herself:

Just keep your smile on’, Diana muttered. And I did so, as I decided to do for long years to come. I always felt safe in walking Diana's steps.

But then, their perfect friendship hit a bump!

The traumatic split

Both ladies were super close to each other as they went through their divorces at the same time. But sadly, about a year before Diana's tragic death, their friendship broke up over something Sarah said publicly, and which offended her.

According to Sarah, she had no clue why Diana was detached. She tried writing her letters, saying that whatever happened didn't matter and asking her to leave it behind. She expected her to come back, but Diana stayed indifferent for over a year.

However, it's mentioned in Sarah's autobiography that the day before she died, she phoned a friend of Sarah's and said:

Where's that Red? I want to talk to her.

Still in touch with the royals

Sarah was cut off by the Royals after a series of scandals. But fortunately, she did get the surprise invite to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding.

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Sarah is definitely making up for the lost time. Do you think she has reconnected with the Royals only due to her great friendship with Diana?

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