74-Year-Old Rod Stewart Speaks About The “Bad Feelings” His Two Eldest Children Have Towards Him As A Father

Date September 6, 2019 03:09

British rock legend Rod Stewart has lived a life many would only dream about. His career took off in the 60s, and it was all about the music and the girls. He then became a father for the first time at the age of 17 years old.

However, he was not ready to take responsibility as a parent, so his daughter was given up for adoption.

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But now, the singer has grown to become a loving dad to his eight children. Although, not all of them got to feel his fatherly love when growing up.

"Bad feelings" towards dad

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, the rock legend revealed that he planned his tours around his kids’ holidays so that they can all go together. But it wasn’t always like that.

Stewart added that his two eldest children, Kimberly and Sean, did not appreciate him going on tours so often when they were kids.

The oldest two, Kim and Sean, I was on tour so much they didn't really see so much of their dad and there was some bad feelings about that. I explained, 'Listen, your dad wasn't out there partying every night, I was working my bum off, because I was in debt to the tune of about $1million.' I had to work my way out of debt.

Luckily, now, the musician can put his kids first, and he spends as much time with them as possible.

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Still touring

The rock legend is not ready to quit touring, as he enjoys it too much.

Everything has to come to an end eventually. But, the thing is, I enjoy it so much. To get up there on the stage and send people home happy, hopefully, it's a gift from God, it really is.

The singer also made an emotional return to the music scene with a song Didn’t I, which described the horrible effect of addiction from a parent’s perspective.

Stewart also released a new album after a three-year break from music.

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