"Chocolate Chip Cookies": Kelly Clarkson Shared One Cheat Food She Can't Live Without After Showing Off 40Lb Weight Loss

Date September 6, 2019

Now that Kelly Clarkson has lost 40 pounds, the country musician is not afraid of showing her new body. The mom of two has been spotted rocking a number of flattering ensembles on red carpets and The Voice after her dramatic weight loss.

Cheat meal

But this doesn’t mean Kelly has said goodbye to junk food. As it turns out, the American Idol alumni still has room for cheat days.

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And there’s one particular snack she can’t live without – chocolate chip cookies. But who would resist eating them?

How does Kelly stay in shape?

While cookies are her cheat meal, Clarkson has been living on a high-protein diet for months. The singer is now into eating raw vegetables instead of sugary treats, which helps her keep figure.

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Despite her busy schedule, the singer has also been working with a trainer at least 4 times a week. As a result, she continues surprising her fans, as it honestly looks like she’s lost more than 40 pounds.

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But workout and career aren’t the most important thing for Clarkson right now. Being a proud mom of two children, her biggest priority is her kids and spending as much time with them as possible.

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It looks like Kelly couldn’t be any happier!

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