Common Interest: Inside Look At The Special Bond Meghan Markle And Queen Elizabeth Share

Date September 6, 2019

After Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married at St. George’s Chapel, they officially become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The former actress did not take too much time to adjust to her new royal life.

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Bonding with the Queen

One of the most important people for Meghan to have gotten along with was Her Majesty, the Queen. Luckily, it appears the are on very good terms.

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The Duchess of Sussex has spent some quality with the Queen. She even joined Her Majesty on a trip to Cheshire on the royal train. With so much bonding time for the royal pair, we could only wonder what they talked about.

Common interest

It just so happens that the former actress and the monarch share a very special connection – the love for the country of Malta.

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The Queen has had a love affair with Malta for quite a while, as she spent a few memorable years with Prince Philip there after their wedding in 1947. For Meghan, her ties to the country are much more deeply rooted.

Common Interest: Inside Look At The Special Bond Meghan Markle And Queen Elizabeth ShareGetty Images / Ideal Image

The duchess had an emotional trip to Malta to find out about her ancestry - in particular, her great-great-grandmother Mary Bird, who was born there in the late 1880s before emigrating to the U.S.

The Queen and the duchess’ joint adventure included a sleepover. That must have been a very interesting experience.

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Her Majesty's personal train offers a comfortable and smooth ride. It is often used by Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall for royals engagements. It is believed that Prince William has only used it once, while his wife and brother have not taken a ride before.

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