Kate Middleton Is Officially Listed As "Princess Of The United Kingdom" On Prince Louis's Birth Certificate

Date September 5, 2019 02:45

Just like all other newborns across the globe, a new royal baby has a birth certificate. And there’s one detail in it that may leave you confused – the occupation of Prince Louis’ parents.

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We all know Prince Louis's mom is the Duchess of Cambridge. But on his birth certificate, her occupation is listed as “Princess of the United Kingdom.” So, what is the proper way to refer to her?

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Duchess or Princess?

Actually, the royal mom would not be called Princess Kate or Princess Catherine. Only the children and grandchildren of the monarch or her kids can be princes and princesses, like Prince Harry, Princess Charlotte, or even Princess Eugenie.

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But this doesn’t mean the Duchess is not a princess of the country. When she tied the knot with Prince William, she assumed the female equivalent of his title. So, technically, she’s also Princess Kate.

Well, everything is pretty simple, right? Even if she is officially called a Duchess, official documents would still refer to as a Princess. Cool!

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As for the royal tot, the birth certificate gives his full name as – His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles of Cambridge.

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Most likely, the name is an ode to Prince Charles’ great-uncle and Prince Philip’s grandfather.

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