Kathie Lee Gifford On Her Pain After Finding Out Her Late Husband Cheated On Her With Flight Attendant

Date October 23, 2019 19:18

When Kathie Lee married Frank Gifford, their life sounded like true perfection. The couple was raising 2 wonderful kids and looked happier than ever.

Even their 23-year age gap didn’t seem to be a problem. However, one mistake almost ruined their idyllic marriage.

One day, the Globe tabloid started claiming that Frank cheated on Kathie Lee with a married flight attendant.

Frank denied it as strongly as he could

When the Globe ran a story about Gifford’s 2-day hotel rendezvous with a flight attendant, Suzen Johnson, who was also married, the football player firmly denied it.

Frank kept saying it was all lie to his wife and the rest of the world until the tabloid published stills and a transcript from a video showing Gifford’s “meetings” with Johnson.

When the truth came out, Kathie Lee made an official statement, saying:

This experience has been as painful for us as it would be for any other couple. However, we will get through this together. We ask that our privacy be respected at this difficult time.

Sounds like the most generic template ever, yet, we can be sure that the experience was, indeed, painful.

But Kathie Lee forgave her husband

With time, the TV host managed to find forgiveness in her heart. She revealed that even though their marriage was changed forever, she learned how to fall in love with her husband again.

Kathie Lee said:

There’s no magic formula. We stayed home, we stayed in the word of God. We stayed in bed.… It’s the best thing in the world when somebody’s truly asked forgiveness.

Later, she told she managed to leave the immense emotional pain of being cheated on in the past and start over with Frank largely because of the couple’s children.

They never knew what happened. Kathie Lee and Frank stayed married until he passed away in 2015.

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