Great-Grandmother At 58: Whoopi Goldberg Has A Great-Granddaughter Who Is A Quite A Rocky-Cocky Personality

Date August 21, 2019 22:22

Can you imagine yourself becoming a great-grandmother? And being a great-grandmother at 58? This is exactly what happened to Whoopi Goldberg. Moreover, she became a grandmother at 34! Can you imagine? Just 34 and ta-da - you are a grannie!

Whoopi Goldberg is a great-grandmother

Whoopi's daughter, Alex Martin, gave birth to a baby girl, Amarah Skye when Whoopi was in her 30s. Then the actress welcomed other grandchildren - Jersey and Mason.

At the age of 34, the Sister Act star became a grandmother and couldn't believe. Usually, some women give birth at such age, and Whoopi already welcomed little Amarah.

Great-Grandmother At 58: Whoopi Goldberg Has A Great-Granddaughter Who Is A Quite A Rocky-Cocky PersonalityGetty Images / Ideal Image

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24 years later something really special happened. Whoppi welcomed a great grand-daughter. She became the great-grandmother of a baby girl, called Charlie Rose when she was only 58. The actress appreciated the baby way more than at a young age, though she admitted that she had "no practice" to take care of a baby after such a long time.

But thanks to her kind heart and instincts she is a very happy great-grandmother of a sweet little girl.

Charlie is a cutie

Whoopi Goldberg's great-granddaughter is young, but she already nails all photos. The little sweetie is a fashion style just her famous great-grandma.

Charlie always smiles and dresses up in stylish outfits, and no one can resist her sweetness.

Just look at this adorable girl!

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Obviously, the child has very incredible facial traits: her big eyes, cute nose, amazing jawline, long eyelashes, and way too curly brown hair.

Whoopi is a wonderful great-grannie as she posts pictures of Charlie both on Facebook and Instagram showing her pride and love to a little cutie.

Maybe she'll become a model or choose a great-grandmother's footsteps and be a famous comedian actress.

What is Charlie Rose's personality?

On Rachael Ray Show in 2016, Whoopi Goldberg opened up about her life and her great-granddaughter. She said:

Oh, Charlie? Charlie Rose is a wicked baby *laughs*.

The comedian revealed how incredibly awesome Charlie was. She talks with a funny accent to all the people around. Charlie doesn't say Whoopi, but more like 'Oopi' when talking to her great-grandmother.

Whoopi also added that Charlie didn't like to be a baby and do all these 'childish' talks. She's very determined and likes when people treat her not as a child, but a mature person.

Moreover, the baby girl is very dramatic. She likes to act and such manner makes her speech very hilarious and sweet.

We are sure Whoopi Goldberg is a wonderful great-grandmother and Charlie Rose is very lucky to have the famous actress on her side. The little girl will grow up very quickly and we can't wait to see how she would build her personality even in a more fantastic way!

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