Rod Stewart Reveals His Kids Initially Thought His New Wife Penny Was Just 'Trying To Get Hold Of Dad's Money'

Date October 18, 2019 20:11

Rod Stewart is a famous British rock singer and songwriter. He is one of the most successful musicians of all times so there’s no secret that he has a lot of money. However, the rock star almost lost a massive chunk of it in a painful 7-year divorce with his second wife, Rachel Hunter. This fact didn't stop Rod from finding new love again.

The duo had been together for 16 years but their love story wasn’t meant to last. Rachel, a model from New Zealand, was only 21 when she tied the knot with Stewart, who was 24 years older than her.

After their divorce battle ended, Rob was free to marry a girl who stole his heart – another model who is 26 years his junior.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster

It appears that Stewart has a certain pattern when he chooses his women. Yet, it didn’t end well before, putting the singer at risk of losing some of his fortune. So it’s not that surprising that his children thought that his new wife is just another gold digger.

When talking to Lorraine Kelly in an interview, the legendary musician opened up that his older children were very suspicious of his wife, Penny Lancaster.

They believed that Penny was only after Stewart’s money. The singer recalled:

It was hard coming up with all the other kids, they didn't know if it was another woman trying to get hold of dad's money… far from it.

However, Penny eventually managed to win their hearts and even found a way to keep their “blended family” together. Rod added:

She won them all over and they all adore her now.

Rod and Penny started dating back in 1999 when he just came out of his second marriage and only wanted to have fun and play around.

This is Rod's longest marriage and the couple seems to be happy. Penny managed to charm the rock idol and even his kids. The duo welcomed two sons Alistair and Aiden together. It seems Rod has finally found the lady to tame him.

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