Steven Tyler Once Obtained Legal Guardianship Of 16-Year-Old Girl, But Her Pregnancy Was A Big Crisis For Both Of Them

Date October 18, 2019

The famous American singer and musician, Steven Tyler, mostly known for being the front singer of the Boston-based rock band Aerosmith, has opened a women’s shelter for neglected and abused girls. He wanted to help teens in difficult situations.

However, the musician has his own history of misconduct with a teen. In 1975 when Steven Tyler was 27 years old, he began dating a 16-year-old girl named Julia Holcomb.

It was reported that Steven Tyler even donated a half-million dollars from his charity to help abused girls. The recovery center Janie’s House in Tennessee was named after Aerosmith’s single Janie’s Got a Gun, which tells a story about a young girl who starts using drugs after being abused by her father.

Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb’s story

Everything started when the girl was 15, and she became friends with a girl who taught her to dress in revealing clothes to get noticed and to “catch” a rock star. That friend also had access to backstage parties at concerts.

One day Julia met Steven, and for the young girl, everything seemed to be like a fairytale. After some time, her mother signed over guardianship of her to Tyler.

When they started living together, Julia took some birth control pills, but then the couple decided it was the right time to have kids.

Julia Holcomb on her pregnancy

Shortly after, the girl got pregnant and both felt truly happy. She recalled:

Within a year I became pregnant. I had never been pregnant before, contrary to what Steven has written. At first Steven and I were both happy about the baby. I remember telling him, “I’m pregnant” and from his reaction I believed he was truly excited. He asked me to marry him a few months later and I said, “yes.”

But when Julia was five months pregnant, Steven told her that it is necessary to make the abortion, as the baby might have brain damage, because she was taking drugs. She said:

The doctor left the room and Steven came in. He told me that I needed to have an abortion because of the smoke damage to my lungs and the oxygen deprivation I had suffered. I said “No,” I wanted the baby. I was five-months pregnant. I could not believe he was even asking me to have an abortion at this stage.

Eventually, she agreed to abort the baby, and Steven was happy about that. It was truly a horrible experience.

It was a horrible nightmare I will never forget. I was traumatized by the experience. My baby had one defender in life; me, and I caved in to pressure because of fear of rejection and the unknown future. I wish I could go back and be given that chance again, to say no to the abortion one last time. I wish with all my heart I could have watched that baby live his life and grow to be a man.

During one of his interviews, Steven Tyler revealed this story was devastating for him too.

It’s a major thing when you’re growing something with a woman, but they convinced us that it would never work out and would ruin our lives

Steven Tyler and Julia Holcomb’s love story started as a fairytale, but then it turned into a horrible nightmare. The pregnancy story and abortion affected their lives forever, and it was a traumatizing experience for both of them.

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