Genetic Jackpot! Ron Howard’s Grandson Is Only 12, But He's Already A Spitting Image Of His Legendary Grandfather

Date September 11, 2019

Ron Howard is a popular filmmaker and actor. He rose to stardom after playing the role of young Opie Taylor in the sitcom The Andy Griffith Show. Asides from being a famous legend, Ron is a doting grandpa. The actor became a grandfather when his daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard gave birth to her son.

Bryce was extremely happy when she welcomed her long-awaited baby boy. By the way, Bryce was filming at Spider-Man 3 before she realized she was pregnant.

Grandpa’s lookalike

Ron Howard’s grandson, Theo, is still young but he's already a dead ringer for his grandfather.

A lot of people claim he inherited Ron’s large ears among other things.

By the way, it was reported that Theo’s mother, Bryce, suffered from post-partum depression for quite a long time.

Good grandpa

The famous actor revealed that his grandson, Theo takes a lot after him. He said:

I always joked that the prodigy gene skipped a generation. He is really visual. He paints, he has a camera. We intentionally haven't exposed him to a lot of technology, we really try to keep the tech minimal. He hasn't picked up a phone yet, he doesn't know how to work a TV, that or a computer, but we intentionally put a camera into his hands, when he must have been four.

Ron Howard is such a caring and loving grandfather!