Sun's Out! 69-Year-Old Caitlyn Jenner Flaunted Her Makeup-Free Face And Sunkissed Body In A Black Swimsuit

Date September 14, 2019 03:22

Caitlyn Jenner's journey to her own authentic self is an incredibly inspiring one. One of the biggest milestones she had to go through was putting on a bikini, as it is, to be honest, a nerve-wracking thing for most women out there.

Jenner said overcoming her fear was incredibly "freeing" and she admitted that she looked pretty good!

Chill day in the pool

Since then, Caitlyn has been opening up more and more, and this time, she combined wearing a bikini with showing off her makeup-free face.

While there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, every lady knows it takes guts to show your bare face on the internet, and Jenner did it!

The reality star flaunted her sunkissed skin while in a dreamy pool and chic black bikini. She captioned the photo:

End of day swim. It’s 92 in Malibu. Don’t be fooled...I’m coated in SPF .

That's right! Never forget sunscreen, ladies, if you don't want to damage your skin.

Caitlyn Jenner's beauty secrets

As we just read, sunscreen is a number one secret for Cait, but she also likes to play with good makeup. She did admit that she's still on the journey of self-discovery.

Jenner constantly tries on new looks and enjoying herself.

Frankly speaking, Caitlyn looks great with or without makeup!