Despite Criticism, Melania Trump Wears Sunglasses Even At Night And She Uses Them As An "Armor", According To Fashion Expert

Date October 2, 2019

Melania Trump always look stunning, but people often critisized her for her fashion choices. She was slammed for wearing sunglasses several times. For example, the First Lady faced backlash after wearing sunglasses at the Remembrance Service in France. FLOTUS didn't take off them whatsoever and many outraged comments spanned through social media.

Some of the commentators called it a brutal disrespect; others – a fashion mishap. But why did Melania choose to wear sunglasses? Maybe she did it for a specific purpose?

The unexpected reason

After public slamming, fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen stepped in and explained why Melania prefers to hide her eyes. According to fashion expert, Melania Trump is believed to wear shades as a shield to protect herself from the public eye.

The well-known fashion psychologist insists Melania uses fashion accessories as "armor" as if she was abused in the past.

She tends to wear sunglasses and hats to shield herself from the public eye. As she's stated in previous interviews, she often feels as though she is being bullied.

Once the First Lady claimed she could be "the most bullied person" in the entire world. Dawnn Karen believes she wears sunglasses and hats to protect herself from critisizm. The fashion psychologist says:

I believe that the hat serves as an armor of some sort. When she's looking out into the audience, she cannot see the entire crowd due to her sunglasses or her hat.

FLOTUS has been judged and slammed for many of her outfits over the last years and she's been caught wearing sunglasses more frequently.

Her fans notice that Melania Trump wears sunglasses even at night. So it means that she wants to hide from the public eye even if it looks irrational.

We don't know a lot of things about Melania's life, worries, and fears. But she like the rest of us deserves one thing — privacy. Do you agree?

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