Fascinating Similarity! Angela Lansbury's Daughter Is A Carbon Copy Of Her Mom And They Indeed Look The Same

Date October 7, 2019

Legendary actress Angela Lansbury was married twice in her life. Her first marriage was to an actor Richard Cromwell in 1945. Cromwell was 16 years older than Lansbury, and their union lasted only 1 year. The actress later found out that her former husband was gay, but they remained friends till his death.

After Richard, Angela met the love of her life, an agent Peter Shaw. They two were happily married for over 5 decades and had 2 children together, Anthony Peter and Deidre Ann.

Angela’s both kids struggled with drug addiction, so the family moved to Ireland, and the actress refused any work for a year to help them to recover. Now they all grown up and Deidre Ann looks just like her famous mom.

Mother’s lookalike

Deidre had recovered and left the drug world forever. Now, she is 66 years old and has a family of her own. She married an Italian chef Enzo Battarra and has been running an Italian restaurant with him, Enzo and Angela The Italian Restaurant, in Los Angeles since 2005.

Deidre definitely has some rock chick vibe oozing out of her, don’t you find?

Angela is very close with her children and she says that family is her “biggest joy.” In one of her interviews, she revealed that she became a great-grandma, and she absolutely loves her new role.

She said:

Now that feels pretty wonderful. And of course, I’m doing all the spoiling. If there’s one thing I want more time for at this stage of my life, it’s them.

But Angela Lansbury is not the regular great-grandma. She is still doing the job she loves the most – acting.

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