Donny Osmond Has Only One Granddaughter Out Of 10 Grandchildren And He Says She Is His "Sweet Princess"

Date October 15, 2019 17:52

You probably heard about Donny Osmond. The famous singer has many fans all over the world, but no many know that he is a proud granddaddy of 10 grandchildren.

The former teen idol loves his wonderful grandkids and often posts pictures with them on his Instagram. Once the singer melted our hearts as he demonstrated a rare picture with his only granddaughter who is a little cutie. Let's find out more!

Donny Osmond has 10 grandchildren

The teen idol Donny Osmond has always dreamed of a home full of children. His dream definitely came true as Donny has five children and 10 grandkids. Sounds wonderful, do you agree?

Donny and his wife Debra are happily married for more than 40 years. In one of his early interviews, the singer revealed that Debra was supposed to go on a date with his brother. However, everything went not exactly as planned.

The singer said:

I stole my brother’s date once, and it turned out to be the best woman of my life.

Donny and his wife Debra welcomed five sons and 10 grandkids together.

It is hard to believe, but among all boys, Osmond has only one granddaughter, named Emy. The little girl is a true beauty.

Once Donny Osmond posted a sweet rare photo with his lookalike granddaughter on Instagram. Emy is a little cutie with a charming smile.

Fans liked the sweet picture

@ helloticha

I think she’s absolutely beautiful! So precious! I love watching her in all of Melisa’s videos. She’s definitely a gift from God!🙏💝

@ lesley7163

How lucky she is to have you as her grandpa and lucky for you to be blessed with all your grandchildren 💖

@ tcjsmom


@ rushworthvenessa

So lovely, she really is beautiful 😍💖

@ hopedmartin

Wall worthy shot!!! So lovely!!💕

Family is one of the most important things in the world. And Donny Osmond knows this like nobody else as he is blessed with such a big and wonderful family. The bond of love and sharing between a granddaughter and a grandfather is something very valuable so we are so happy that Emy has such a loving grandad.

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