True Love Beats All Odds: Woman With Down Syndrome Gave Birth To Baby With The Same Condition

Date October 8, 2019

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by the presence of all or part of a third copy of chromosome 21. This syndrome is the most common chromosomal condition. People with Down syndrome often experience cognitive delays, but the problems may vary widely. People who have Down syndrome can attend school, work and live independently. They contribute to society in numerous wonderful ways.

True Love Beats All Odds: Woman With Down Syndrome Gave Birth To Baby With The Same ConditionOlesia Bilkei / Shutterstock.com

In fact, women with Down syndrome are able to get pregnant, but many men aren't able to have children. People with Down syndrome have the risk of having a baby with the same condition.

Couple with Down syndrome welcomed a child

This story of a woman with Down syndrome proves that true love beats all odds. Both the woman with Down syndrome and a man with Down syndrome had a son with the same syndrome. That’s happened despite common assumptions that such people can’t have children of their own.

Lisa was 29 years old when she started dating her boyfriend, who also has Down syndrome. By that time, she’s been living independently and her mother, Patti, fully supported her decision. One day, Patti received an unexpected message saying she was going to be a granny.

This fact proved people with Down syndrome might have children of their own. Lisa’s pregnancy was hard and the baby was born 4 weeks prematurely.

Lisa and her parents raised Nic together. Nic had two moms and he was happy to be with his close people. He said:

I have two mums. My mum Lisa is my greatest future in my life. She give me life and she give me love and she give me birth and she give me special needs and she is always wonderful and she is beautiful.

Woman with Down syndrome gave birth to a healthy child

In 2010, the International Journal of Infertility and Fetal Medicine reported about the case, where a woman with Down Syndrome delivered a healthy child. She was 25 and the child’s father hadn't Down syndrome. Her baby was born at 38 weeks via C-section.

These stories prove that family support and the desire to have kids are the most important things ever. And even people with disabilities have their right to have own families and kids.

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