The Greatest Gift: Tina Turner's Husband Donated A Kidney To The Singer And It Saved Her Life

Date August 30, 2019

Famous singer Tina Turner reveals one of the life-changing things her beloved husband has done for her.

The rock legend she was once close to death when her kidney failed but it was her husband literally saved her life. The man made an amazing donation that gave her a new lease on life.

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Tina Turner's husband donated a kidney to her

The rock legend explained that she had only just beaten intestinal cancer and a stroke at the time when things went even worse. In an excerpt from Tina Turner's biography obtained by the UK Daily Mail, she opened up about the situation that seemed so hopeless that she wanted to end her life.

The Greatest Gift: Tina Turner's Husband Donated A Kidney To The Singer And It Saved Her LifeGetty Images / Ideal Image

Tina Turner's kidneys were "plunging rapidly" in December 2016. The singer felt so sick at the time that she even started to think about ending her life. She recalled:

I faced two choices: either regular dialysis or a kidney transplant. Only the transplant would give me a good chance of a near-normal life. But the chances of getting a donor kidney were remote.

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It was at this point that her husband, Erwin Bach, stepped in and helped save her life. They both knew it would take a while for her to reach the top of the waiting list and in that time, she had to be hooked up to a machine. Turner said she did not want to live that way.

Erwin surprised the singer by offering to give her one of his kidneys. After tests were done to see if he was a match, the operation took place in April 2017.

Tina revealed that she was so happy when they saw each other after the surgery. She was "relieved that we'd come through this alive."

Tina and Erwin's love story

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach got married in 2013 in Switzerland after dating for 27 years. The municipal official Hannes Friess confirmed to E! News that it was a quiet civil ceremony which took place at Lake Zuric]h in Küsnacht.

Obviously, things have been going well with the duo since then. Tina Turner’s first husband was abusive but she has had better luck with her second. Giving up a kidney for your loved one has got to be one of the most unbelievable ways to show how strong your love is.

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