Late Jade Goody Had The "Happiest Day" Of Her Life While Dancing At Own Wedding Weeks Before The Demise

Date January 20, 2020 12:41

It was in 2009 when TV personality and a great woman Jade Goody lost her battle with cervical cancer, leaving husband Jack behind, along with her two sons Bobby and Freddie, who she shared with fellow TV personality Jeff Brazier.

Jack Tweed still keeps his late wife in his heart

Since then Jack Tweed has repeatedly admitted he hasn’t found love again as no one compares to his late wife.

The couple got married just days before Jade died.

Jack Tweed spoke about life following Jade’s death on Good Morning Britain and how he still thinks about her.

He said:

"I’m alright, I just get by, you know what I mean, I just get on with it. ‘But yes, I haven’t met anyone. I don’t feel like I could meet anyone yet, as no one really compares to Jade, so I don’t want to put that person… It’s not far on a person to put them through that."

Speaking about watching Jade go through her illness and finally pass away, he added:

"It was horrible. It was the worst time you could possibly go through, knowing that it was terminal. Deep in yourself you don’t believe it, you still think, “No it’s obviously not going to happen, something’s going to happen, she’s going to pull through. But deep down you do know, eventually it’s going to come and your life is going to turn, stop."

The couple's bittersweet wedding clip

Yet, the most heartbreaking moment multiple fans remember about the couple is their wedding and their first dance. The couple's guests, just like those who've seen the video taken at Jade’s wedding, simply could not help sobbing and wailing.

In the wedding clip which was shown on Channel 4 documentary, Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain, Mark Wright and ex-girlfriend Lauren Goodger could be seen in the background crying as they watched Jade and her new husband, Jack Tweed, take to the floor for their first dance. All the quests, in fact, struggled to contain their emotions.

People's reactions

Likewise, viewers immediately took to social media to confess they were left in tears after watching the emotional scenes.

Although the woman lost her battle with cervical cancer exactly one month later, she intimated:

"I've had the happiest day of my life."

Jade left an indelible mark on the lives of the people who surrounded her and will always go on living in our hearts. She had a great partner, who supported her till the last days. And it is impossible to hold emotions while watching their first wedding dance!